Bokhara rug is the most typical and favorite pattern of Turkmen carpets drives from the Tekke main carpet. Since more than 6 decades the rugs and carpet manufacturers in Pakistan seized on Bokhara design. Now Lahore and the surrounding area have a huge output of Bokhara rugs. And today the description of "Bokhara" is further extended to the term "Pakistani Bokhara" or "Mori Bokhara" produced in Pakistan. A typical Pakistani Bokhara design is dominated by rows of guls and surrounding geometric patterns often with a red, off-white or tan background.

Like other Pakistani carpets (Jaldar, Pak Persian rugs), Bokhara has cotton base. A Bokhara rug is symmetrical knotted (single knot) with soft and thick pile using a combination of worsted and Pakistani wool.

It is no wonder that Pakistani Mori Bokhara has become one of the most popular of all carpets, a welcome addition to every imaginable room setting. When it comes to lavish a room, the Pakistani Bokhara is considered as the best carpet due to its soft velvety, luxurious feel, thick pile, attractive colors and appearance, and for its affordability.

Pakistani Bokharas are made in different qualities and are available in different colors. There are different qualities in Pakistan Bokhara rugs and the finest come with 242 knots per square inch.

Pakistani Bokhara is further classified into 2 types depending on the length of the pile.

1. Mori Bokhara 2 ply (Double pile)

2-ply Bokhara is more often. 2 ply Bokhara / Double pile Bokhara has soft and high dense pile and wonderful to walk ON.

2. Mori Bokhara 3 ply (Triple pile)

2-ply Bokhara is more often. Even 2 ply Bokhara / Double pile Bokhara has soft and high dense pile and wonderful to walk on but sometimes the pile is intentionally left significantly longer, called "3 ply Bokhara" or "Triple Pile Bokhara", resulting in extra thickness and depth.